6 looks that will have you ready for uni


What you wear gives an indication of who you are so it’s makes sense to want to make a good first impression. Uni is a great time to experiment and find the outfits that express your personality. Here’s a guide that will help you find the perfect outfit to let your true self shine.


   1. Go minimal

There’s often a risk of looking like you’re trying too hard. If you don’t want to put it all out there, go for a pastel-coloured pair of shorts or dress. Pair this with boots and you’re good to go! Rose Quartz (pale pink) and Serenity (pastel blue) just happen to be the talk of this season.

23816856372_af3fa2bd20_o (1)

Image: fashionagony

   2. Oversized sweaters

College is the one place you are allowed to throw a sweater over yourself and walk into class! Match your outfit with a fringed suede bag or a pair of suede boots. The good news is that suede is in! This automatically turns your ensemble into a statement outfit.


Image: Fustany.com


                          Glamour Virelai G Taupe Suede       


                   Court Couture Chrys C Brown Pu

   3. Double Denim

You can never go wrong with distressed denim. Or better yet, denim on denim that’s styled up with simple accessories and the most comfortable shoes on campus.


Image: Anouska.net

   4. Sundress up

We all have days where we can’t put too much thought into what we wear. Instead of struggling to match colours, opt for a simple floral sundress and cute flats.  Alternatively, you can mix it up with a plaid-patterned shirt and cinch it at the waist.


Image: AgirlnamedNydia

   5. Get hip

Are you feeling artsy? Pair a short A-line skirt with knee-high socks and heavy boots. To make it even more fun, play with different colours. This is definitely a way to show that you’re quirky and interesting. It’s also a great way to outsmart this unpredictable weather!


Image: fashioncoolture

   6. Bring out the heels

If you lean more toward fancy styles, you will love the skinnies and pumps combo. Get that sleek, sophisticated look by wearing it with a silk or chiffon shirt. Adding a faux fur coat always brings in a bit of panache.


Image: mimiikonn


No matter what you choose, wear what you feel comfortable in and don’t feel the pressure to overhaul your whole wardrobe. It’s easier to add elements to your current collection than buying a dozen sets.




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