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We’re starting to get into that busy time of year again, everyone is head deep in work or back to uni. Having busy schedules can mean that we’re running around from place to place trying to keep up while looking our best. It’s important that we take care of our feet by styling them in a way that provides comfort and shows off our personality. Read on to see how you can wear ballet flats that make you look and feel great.


1. Simple Flats


Image Credit: WhoWhatWear

When it comes to essential items of clothing, owning a pair of simple but classic ballet flats is not a question. You can pair anything with ballet flats like a skirt, dress or jeans. Solid neutral-colour flats are so versatile and offer you a strong foundation for styling your outfit. To mix things up look for ballet flats that have an interesting detail, such as a scallop trim or classic bow.

2. Ankle Wrap Flats

Image Credit: Glitter Inc

Image Credit: Glitter Inc

Ankle wrap ballet flats are great as they offer you added support to your jam packed schedule. Like an actual ballet shoe, they wrap around your ankles to hold your foot in place. Having that added detail  wrapped around your ankles, creates a super feminine and classy look. You’re basically an off-duty ballerina.


3. Feature Flats

Image Credit: Star Style

Image Credit: Star Style

For something more eye catching, wear ballet flats that have a striking pattern, print or texture. This will definitely make your outfit look more dressed up and will show off your fun side. Choose a simple outfit like a little black dress or dark jeans to have all eyes be on your feet.

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