How to Be a Lady Boss

Whether you are attending your first job interview or are on your way to attending a client meeting, it is important to dress appropriately for work. Your outfit will be one of the first things people will take notice of and what you wear can say a lot about you. A famous Australian fashion and lifestyle television journalist, Kathryn Eisman, once said, “Fashion is a powerful weapon that can be used by you, or against you. The choice is yours.”

Here are a few of our favourite fashion pieces to help you look more sophisticated and have you leaving a good impression on the next person you meet on the job.

1. Blazer Jacket

For a professional and polished look, a simple blazer will do the trick. Its square shoulders will subconsciously make you look more confident and powerful. It is also a timeless classic and possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you can play around with. Pair it with black leather heels and you are boardroom ready!


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Scarlet C Black Leather


2. Light-coloured blouse

Ensure you have a few simple light-coloured blouses or shirts in your wardrobe. Nothing too fancy, but simple enough that it goes well with almost everything – skirts, pants or jeans. Slip on a pair of mid-height black suede heels and no one will ever challenge the way you dress again.

blue-striped-top-asos-ripped-knee-jeans-classic-outfit-reiss-heels(Image credit:

cyera C

3. Pencil Skirt

Playful yet conservative, a knee-length pencil skirt is a staple piece in any business woman’s wardrobe. Complete the look with a pair of light to nude coloured heels and you’re all set for work.

pencil skirt crop

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Cynnie C Beige

4. Ankle Pants

If you want a change from your 9-5 suit pants, you can choose to dress in a pair of ankle length pants instead. These pants are the perfect length and style to show off your shoes! So pair it with nude heels for absolute elegance and flair.


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Cyera nude

5. Leather Tote Bag

You wouldn’t walk into a client meeting with your laptop and notes carried in a canvas bag or backpack. Keep it sleek and stylish with a structured leather tote bag, and dress your feet in pair of well-polished, mid-height, closed-toe heels to complete your work ready look.


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cynnie navy

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