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It seems that in winter, we tend to put away our colourful outfits and tuck away our bright, eye-catching shoe tones in favour of subtler neutral hues. Sometimes a lady needs to shake it up a little, you know, catch herself off guard and do away with fashion rules. Break all the rules we say! Clashing patterns, vivid colours and colour-friendly footwear, we’ve got some of our favourites to give you some inspo this week!

Dazzling Reds

red resize

Image Credit: @maryorton

Turn heads wherever you go with a statement colour that shouts sassy, confident woman ready to conquer the night! Scarlet and crimson tones are the brightest and can be paired with a monochromatic outfit for extra visual appeal or added to a colour-clashing coat, shirt and pant combo.

Elegant Pastels

pink resize

Image Credit: @streetstyle_london

There is nothing as timeless and effortlessly classy as a pair of dusty coloured shoes to add a subtle flair to your outfit. We’re loving the open-toed streamlined look, perfect for an evening at a snazzy restaurant or a night at the theatre. Combine your pastel shoes with blocky, solid blacks, greys, and just a touch of colour if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Electric Blues

electric blue

Image Credit:

We’re not talking any blue, we’re all about a vivid pair of electric blue heels to set you apart from the crowd with a touch of difference to an otherwise plain winter outfit. Cobalt makes a fantastic combination with black and white outfits with touches of blue and simple textures like cotton and linen. Glittery blue is best worn with outfits that don’t have much layering to let them really make an impression.

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