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Ever get ready to go and realise your shoes are absolutely killing your feet? But it’s too late to turn back because you’re already late? We know how you feel sister! But don’t fret – we’ve selected some of our most stylishly comfortable shoes to take you from shopping to catching up with friends to everything in between for an all-day snug and painless fit.

Feel-good Flats

bright flats

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We’re big believers in confidence being a result of feeling comfortable with how you look and what you wear. A reliable pair of flats can exude elegance and allow you the freedom to move around without the strain of a pair of steep heels. Our flats have padding that naturally grooves to your foot for the ultimate comfy fit. Wear a plain or patterned pair of flats with a bright outfit with pops of clashing colour for the most impact.

Sporty Meets Chic


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Sport-style shoes don’t need to only be worn on the basketball court, they can look equally as impressive when dressed up for a day with the girls or dressed down for spending the day at the beach. A simple pair of sneakers can add a youthful flair to any outfit. Try this look with a leather bomber jacket or draped coat and a striped tee for a Parisian chic feel.

Beautiful In Boots


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We’re right in the midst of winter now and as the weather takes over, it’s only natural for your feet to crave warmth from a sturdy pair of well-made boots. Whether knee-high or ankle, tassled or plain, a neutral-toned boot can add a cosy feel to any winter outfit, from a preppy jumpsuit to your best pair of blue jeans – it won’t let you down.

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